Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Very Easy Egg Card - for Easter, Of Course!

So once again I was reading the cricut message board - yes, I really do have a life beyond the mb - and found a thread discussing Easter Cards. I also found out that Doodlecharms has an Egg shape. What makes that so interesting is that when I searched by keyword for Egg, the DC egg does not show up. Anyway, someone on the mb posted about the DC egg and this is what I came up with.
First, the created the cut file in a 6 x 12 format. Of course you only have to change the mat size for the expression - this is what I do. I also copy and past the base card cut again on the larger mat. I do this because when you cut the top layer on page 2 of the design, you cut it in two different colors so that your egg may have two colors on top. I actually did this with four colors of cardstock and now have four lovely, if very simple, egg cards (though in the photos only one is decorated... I am too busy eating cupcakes to do more tonight!!).

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