Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥ NISYA is 11months now!!.

Heee ~ My lovely baby sister is 11months now!.
She's an adorable baby.. veryyy cutee & smart.
She's able to sit down by herself now,clapping hands when you asked her, pretend to have a headache when you said "pusiiing", do a little finger dance when you sing for her, & said "AHH" if nobody was talking & she wants to play.
Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?
She hardly recognized me when I went back at first,because I left her quite sometimes that confused her.. but we're getting along through days. =)

This is some pictures of her..

Oh by the way,I found some cutee special characthers on the web.
Thought I might share..

☀☁☂☃ ★☆☉☊☎☏☠☢☣☤☪☮☯☹☺☻♀♂ ♁♑♛♚♠♡♥♢♦♣♫♪♨♯✄✆✇✈✉✌✍✖✘✗❝❞

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