Friday, February 6, 2009

Love. Dreams. Heartbreak.

I absolutely adore both of these prints. The black. The gold. The words. The typography. The small, yet perfect additions of the (bird and heart) images. The prints almost serve as counterpoints to each other, but love, dreams, and heartbreak all exist in one life, so there is surely room for both prints in one house! Love. Love. Love.

My French is terribly rusty (sad explanation in this post- scroll to "French Cloud Notebook,") but the description for this print lists the English translation as, "Nothing is real but dreams and love." Beautiful.

Heather Amuny-Dey at Velocity

Although this print mentions heartbreak, it also speaks of love-- because one must first know love before one can know heartbreak, no? And I imagine we have all encountered that voice at some point; the words could be uttered (or simply thought) about a person with whom one is hesitant to become involved, knowing only heartbreak can follow, or about a person who is so heartbroken words can't hide her pain.

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