Wednesday, February 25, 2009

☠ I Got Robbed..

My Auntie got married!.
I remembered we used to live together in Makassar just both of us,sharing our stories,changing BF..hahaa.
Can't believe she got married now ~
Soo congrats to her & her new hubby!. Om Akbar.

I went back to Makassar for a week to attend her wedding day & also to nostalgia with my high-school friends.
It wasn't bad at firsts. The wedding was fun..I get to see the whole process & considered it as my training before MY real marriage. =)
I also get to hang out with my gang..
despite all the fun..I had a terrible experienced after 3days staying there.

This is the story..
I was hanging out with my friends at that day. We went to the beach,around 15 of us. Eating corn with cheese & chocolate.. yummy!. After all the fun,we decided to went back home. I rode the bike with ADHYA,one of my girlfriend. It was a smooth road at firsts,but after we were about to turn right on the traffic light,these 2 guys went to the back of us,tapped me on my shoulder,and robbed my purse away.
my favorite Neverfull LV purse.. with a camera that worst quite some money, My LG phone that I got for free from my friend after I won the dance competition. and my crocodile skin wallet.
I chased the robbery & screamed as loud as I can that night,but seems like everybody was busy with their own thing that only one bike that was trying to help me out.
I saw a crowd of people a few blocks from where I got robbed,I went down & ask what was going on there but they said somebody was having a fight. So I thought I should just stay away as far as I could & head back home.

The next day,I received an information that the police had caught the robbery & found my purse. But the camera (which is the most inportant thing in that bag) and my phone was already gone.
What's the point?
After 2 days later,I went to the police station to report my case. & saw the 2 robbery behind bars.

What doesn't make sense is,that.. why would the police found my purse & my wallet with my complete money,& ATM in there,but how come they lost the camera & my cell?
I clearly put my camera in my camera bag,and guess what...the police found the camera bag,but just it was empty inside!!!!!!.
& also,I put my cell inside the zipper of the purse,and it's also gone!!.

According to the police,this is what happened..
After the 2 robbery took my bag and speed up with the bike,they were in the wrong place & time because at that time there were many police there were doing a routine of stopping the illegal racing around the road. The robbery almost hit one of the police,fell,and ran away. They hide separately in other people house.
Of course,the people who live among there were suspicious & eventually beat the crap out of the robbery. & according to purse fell laying on the street that the police saved them after.
So you see..
If the mass of people were beating the crap out of the robbery,they wouldn't have time to actually open my camera bag,take the camera,closed the camera bag & put it back in the purse. They also wouldn't have time to,then,open the zip of my purse,take my cell,and zipped off the purse again. It's gonna be too obvious and somemody else will eventualy see them stealing things out of my bag. It's just too weird. They didn't even take my wallet at all!!. They are people with not much education,a.k.a VILLAGE people that they wouldn't be that smart and they would take my wallet as the first thing they would steal.
It's just too neat.. too impossible..

So where has my camera and my cell gone?
Only God knows where it gone..
It might happened that the robbery already passed it along to their other friends,or the mass people that were beating the crap out of him could also take them,or even the corrupted police could take them and pretend like they were innocent.
Wallahu, 'alam.
Right now I can only be 'Ikhlas' even though I'm still hoping for a little bit,I'm still hoping to find my camera that got stolen,AMIN.
Whatever best happened for a reason..

Maybe I can only hope,if only the police in our beloved country worked hard & not corrupted.
& actually served the people,like what their duty is suppose to..

>> (this is the actual thiefs, the chubby one was the one rode the bike, the thief on the right was the one who robbed my purse) <<

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