Friday, February 6, 2009

♥ Thailand friggin' Trip !!

Time seems to have gone by so fassst!. I felt like it was just yesterday while I graduated from high-school, & now I'm already on my 2nd semester in University. WOW!.

2008 was a good year for me. I didn't do much,after I graduated I took a year gap to just hang-out with my family. I did & it was a good time with them. My mom got a baby girl last year, a cute,pretty baby girl, we named her NISYA. I took pretty good care of her,& i enjoyed being a big sister.

2008 was also the year when I moved to Msia. It was also the year where I met manyyyyyyy new people. Of course there's plenty of things in Malaysia that I didn't like at all & it's a very tough new thing for me. But I've tried to be strong & just to live. =D . I'm glad I have my Hney here to help me out through soo manyy things ,that If he wasn't here, I would've create a big mess of myself. So thank you,hney.. =D

Anyway,in the end of the year of 2008,I travel with hney & some of my friends to THAILAND (again). We had a pretty fun times together. We went to Koh Samui Island,Bangkok,Pattaya,and many other places where there were mountains & beachs. Most of the time we stayed in Hney (Raouf) house,his parents were so kind that they provided us EVERYTHING. By that I meant EVERYTHING. =D. So thank you again..

If I have to told the whole stories about the trip,I probably wouldn't even remember. HAHA. because we did a loot of things,& it's going to be a long writing.

Well,maybe I'll just tell the stories of what we did on New Year's eve.
Jamie & Caroline (the friends that I went the trip with) already went back by new year's eve. They had to be home for christmas. So,Hney gang & me headed out to some place where there were mountains. It was a friggin' awesome experienced. We camped for about 3days & we did incrediblyyy looootss & tooonss of things. On new year's eve I was,unfortunately,asleep. BLAH!. I know..I sucked. The others were out of the camp,setting up fire,eating barbeque,fireworks,singing together & all that fun stuff,but I was just too tired at that time that I had to go back inside the camp and sleep. It's probably also because it was soooo damn cold!. I wore,like, layers & layers of clothes & I was still freezing. LOL. was such a good time..

These are some of the pictures from the trip.

Aaannd up the mountain..

Location : Mountains,All around Thailand ♥♥

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