Thursday, February 26, 2009

♫ Awesome Beat..

Santogold or Santigold..

Talented new artist!. She is a mucician,a songwriter,and also a producer.
The first time I heard her was in Gossip Girl Soundtrack,there were one of the scene that play her song 'Shove It' in the background. It was soo catchy that I had to google that song. After Shove It,I listened to her other songs,& it was just worth to hear if you're looking for something fresh and catchy,even though my BF finds it a bit annoying for him. =(
Her unique music is categorized kind of into rock, new wave, post-punk, electronic, and dub in the same time,or *electro-pop in my perspective. She has been compared a lot with M.I.A & Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (which is one of my most fav band of all time!).
She is Santi White better known by her former stage name as Santogold or (now) Santigold.
She is best known for her single..
♥ L.E.S Artistes & The Creator. You can see her official video right now in YouTube.
Personally,I like her other songs which are..

♥ Say Aha,
♥ Shove It, &
♥ You'll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix).. it's worth to hear ~
Apparently she's been voted by
The Rolling Stones to be one the must artist to watch in 2008.
Soooo..... ~ she's not bad at all!.
Make sure you check out her album while she's still hot.. or just type her in Youtube.

The other talented & unique artist that I'm listening to right now is..
Lykke Li, a swedish indie singer.

She is magnetic!!. I simply confused how to categorized her music. Lykke Li came to my playlist while I was reading the review of her in one of the Radio station.
Some of her very catchy songs are..
♥ Breaking it Up
♥ Little Bit
♥ I'm good I'm gone

'Youth Novels' album of hers..


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