Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrap Room - A Work In Progress

My scrap room, which has been shared on this blog previously, continues to change and flow (as opposed to grow!).  I find that as I continue to expand my scrapping/card making supplies and (hopefully) abilities, my room has changes with me.  It always seems cluttered to me, but I think that is my attempt to keep most of my supplies within sight.

My scrap room is actually our 4th and smallest bedroom.  My older son was a senior in college when we purchased this house so I knew chances were that he would never move home.  Initially I had a twin bed in the room.  But when my daughter moved into a house at college, she took all of her furniture with her.  I used that opportunity to put two twin beds in her former room as well as lay claim to all of the scrap room.

I purchased the Scrap-in-Style cube desk set and moved the cricut and the computer to the second desk.  Santa brought me the wall organizer that I use as a hutch on the cube desk.  Also, in top drawer under the cricut, I have my cartridges organized so that when I open the drawer I can see all of the carts immediately.

I found this white shelf unit on close-out at Target for $60 and grabbed it!  It is actually as tall as me, so I have to reach up for the items on top.  The good news is I do not use those items very often.  The top shelf is great for storing my Stampin' Up stamp sets.  The shelf-it containser hold loose stamps and ink that is used less often.  My nesties and Gypsy reside on the bottom shelf.

I know my space is not nearly as FAB as some that I have seen on line, but I really am happy with it - mess and all!!

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