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Angel Tattoos - Popular Designs

Angel Tattoos - Popular Designs

Angel designs can have so many different meanings, and the designs themselves can look stunning because the tattoo artist can use color in the wings to great affect.

Popular Angel Tattoo Designs.

There are many popular angel designs which gives anyone looking for an angel tat a great variety of choice. One of the most popular designs at the moment is a pair of angel wings. They can be any size and located just about anywhere. The most common locations for wings are on the lower back or on the upper back and shoulder area.

Another favorite Angel tat design is of a beautiful woman in a dress with wings, quite often with a glow around her head. The angel could be looking downward in a protective manner, or another common position is sitting on the ground or a rock. Angel tattoos are also a popular way to pay tribute to someone who has passed away. The persons face is incorporated into the design, to keep their memory alive.

The designs can also represent a connection with a loved one, especially if a love heart is included in the body art with the angel.

It is also popular to combine the angel with a myriad of other other designs to come up with something completely new and unique. Common combinations are the angel with a heart, cross, or flowers to name a few. It really is up to you and your imagination.

The Meaning of Angel Tattoos.

The most common meanings of Angel tattoos are spirituality, love and protection. Wings represent freedom and rising above problems. Many tats are of floating angels, there to provide protection to something or someone. It is popular to get a guardian angel design, so that you always have a guardian angel with you. Another common theme is the perennial struggle between good and evil with Archangels in an eternal battle. Angel designs can also just represent a connection with something higher than oneself.

Where to get Angel Tattoos

The key thing to consider when getting an Angel tattoo design (or any design for that matter) is to make sure you are completely happy with it. The best approach is to check out as many designs as you can, to get ideas. It is not recommended to choose a free tattoo off the internet because the majority are low quality, and all are accessible to thousands of people. That means someone else will certainly have the same design as you. There is a better way to get a unique dream tattoo

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