Friday, October 16, 2009

♥ back from china & my NEW HAIR!!

Helloo ^^
I am back from almost 1 week trip from China.
This trip, again, to focused on shopping.
I likey likey shopping.. hehee ^^

China was GREAT, i went to Guangzhou, a big city around 2-3 hours far from HongKong by train.
i have lived in HK for about 3 years & i have lived in Guangzhou for about 2 years, so i'm already a bit familiar with that 2 city.

ONIC, a blogger friend of mine asked me to compare Bangkok & China for which are the best for shopping.
So I'll put down some points.

Must Visit -> JJ Market, Platinum Mall
Pros (^0^)
- cheap, can bargain normally, some are fixed price or wholesale price but it's already a good deal.
- quality is so-so but some are really good.
- style is up-to-date, fashionable, & fits SE Asians Fashion (esp Indo's & Thai's have a similar sense of fashion).
- they have quite many of individuals or homemade stuffs that are actually really good so it'll be limited & unique in the same time, not only the stuffs from the factories.
- easy transportation (tuktuk,taxi,bus) & they are not expensive at all.
Cons (-_-)
- not much of fake branded bags (chanel,LV).. if there is they are usually expensive or overprice compare to china
- they will take your fake branded bags with no warning in bangkok & replace them with a trash bag. so becareful, it's probably better to bring a normal bag with no brand at all. lol.
- they are quite many rules to follow in bangkok, there will be some certain penalty to pay if fail to do so. examples: strictly no lighting up any naked fire in the market.

Guangzhou, CHINA:
Must Visit -> Leather Market & lots of markets in chinese langauge. email me if you want the list.
Pros (^o^)
- CHINA is the only place to go to buy fake branded bags. it's heaven!!
- the quality is usually pretty good, but be a good eyes!!
- CHINA is the cheapest place to buy probably ANYTHING. be smart & you will have the best deal.
- Bargaining with no limits. if you think that's already cheap, trust me, it can be cheaper! lol.
bring a calculator if you want to bargain. this will make your life easier there.
- transportation is easy to find. taxi is the easiest & not expensive at all.
- not that much rules to follow. lol. unless if you're in HK.
- furniture, gadgets, etc are also a very good deal to buy in china.
Cons (-_-)
- fashion style depends on the seasons. if you are going around winter, you're most likely to find winter clothing.
- the fashion style for clothes is trendy but i personally think that shopping for clothing is trendier in BKK. xD
- they barely can speak english, learn some basic mandarin in order to succes of bargaining. lol.
- you have to be a little bit brave & skillfull to bargain in china because they usually overcharge foreigner more than 50%, unless if you're good at bargaining.
- beware of fake money! they're everywhere & you can't tell!

hope the lists answers some of your curiousity, onic! & also for others.
in my personal experienced opinion though, if you want to focus to buy clothing, shoes, & some accessories for yourself, Bangkok it's probably a better place to go because it's nearer, easier, & i'm sure it's trendier than in china. however, Bangkok is more expensive than in china.
buut if you want to buy hella lots of stuffs & you want to buy some really cool fake branded bags, then china is a perfect place for you. your choice, hun. xD

I, myself, got lots of stuffs in china.
it's almost winter in china so the summer outfits are locked in the warehouse. lol.
i'll show you what i got in another post. xD

Moving on..
I got a new haircut.. lol. Do you like ittt? hate itt?
I'll tell you some stories behind this later~~ hehee ^^


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