Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Popular Hawaiian Tattoos

hibiscus Popular Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

For both men and women, Hawaiian tattoos are growing in popularity as people seek the popular floral designs on various parts of the body, whether alone, or in combination with another type of tattoo. The popular floral designs which can be created on the body come from the thought that there are traditional Hawaiian flowers which are included in these types of tattoos including the flowers of the islands, which are popularly seen in leis, as well as orchids and other types of tropical flowers. Hawaiian flowers are one of the most popular types of Hawaiian tattoos and can be created in a variety of forms and colors.

Another popular type of Hawaiian tattoo stems from the traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and includes the use of tribal art that can be displayed on the body. Tribal art can consist of symbols and patterns which are placed on the body in the form of crests and arm bands in certain patterns, as well as the type of art which is created when tribal form is given to animals, and objects, such as flowers. Tribal art can be identified through the use of the dark colors and therefore can be seen through the body as a statement. The dark colors provide an impact for a person seeking a tattoo that is attention drawing and eye catching.

Floral patterns and tribal tattoos are not the only form of Hawaiian tattoos that are popular. There are other types of Hawaiian tattoos including the use of Hawaiian letters, language and other scripts that are often placed on the body to remind oneself of the Hawaiian culture or the Hawaiian heritage. Taking advantage of these types of tattoos can be an effective way to ensure that the individual is able to celebrate their culture and celebrate their Hawaiian heritage.

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