Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The fifth movie on the X-men series takes us to the beginning. X-men: First Class is a reboot of the popular X-men franchise after dismal showing of the Wolverine film. The film was far removed from the original Uncanny -X-men where the first cast were Angel, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Jean Grey. But despite the diversion, First Class actually did well.

Starring relative unknown or not so familiar stars, the newest X-men fared well despite that. What I liked the most is the way the story was told - compelling and emotional. This is the first X-men that actually has the brains and the heart to accompany with and not just brawn and fighting. We were flash backed to the past and there we understood how it all began. The story of Magneto and Charles Xavier (Prof. X) was well presented and vividly portrayed. As for the cast, I liked the portrayals of the two casts, James McAvoy (Prof X) and Michael Fassbender (Erik- Magneto). They showed how good relationships can turn out differently with differences in views, ideals and beliefs. Jennifer Lawrence as the new Mystique was also a great casting move. And then the villains were just stunning and great. Kevin Bacon puts evil to the word enemy as he portrays the role of Sebastian Shaw with ease. Sexy vamp January Jones proved that not all telepaths are boring and that they could be scorching hot as well.

The visuals were okay and the effects were good. Some might criticize this new X-men as lame due to not so many action sequences but I still enjoyed every bit of it. There are a lot of values embedded in the film such as being proud of who you are and equality & justice. All of these were perfectly sewed into the storyline of X-men which makes this film more human and more real.

4 out of 5 popcorns. Good but not yet great!

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