Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you have a tattoo?

How old are you? Are you old enough now? It's ready to have a tattoo? When the teenager was time to find identity, all the new things to do, for example, want to make a tattoo. True, if that is your desire then you should be old enough (around 16 or 17 years) to be ready to have a tattoo.

The next question, what would tattoo the first time you make? wooowww, this will probably be somewhat difficult. I recommend not to make quick decisions tattoo, think about what tattoo would you make, think about whether 5 or 10 years from now it will still nice tattoo to be seen? because your body attached to a permanent tattoo.

In addition to want to try, young people have a tattoo can be because member of the group or gangsta. Many groups require members to have tattoos. Also has a tattoo because he wanted to prove his love to his lover, thus making the tattoo initials or name of her lover, even tattooing her lover's face.

If you want to make a tattoo on the body exposed (arms, legs, neck), choose a tattoo design that does not get bored easily be seen, not outdated (such as tribal tattoo). If you're still a teenager and has not worked, make a tattoo on the body that can be hidden, because many companies do not hire people with tattoos.

That's it for now, I will discuss further later in this article.

Image from: www.abdek.com

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