Friday, June 24, 2011


In the many years Enchanted Kingdom has been in the country, I actually have visited the theme park 3 times only and so this latest visit is only my fourth. Not much has changed in the place. Same level of fun though I still would like to see new rides in the future that will definitely put interest to EK once more. Last Saturday, June 18, 2011 marked the first time in over 2 years that I went to EK and experienced the magic once more.

You can't always compare EK to Disneyland or Universal Studios, but for people who can't afford going out of the country to visit those international theme parks, Enchanted Kingdom is definitely a good choice. The weather did not cooperate by much but I still enjoyed the whole day spending it with my best friend, Chris.

We did not get to ride all but we managed to experience the ones we really like. We started at the Space Shuttle and man it was truly heart-pumping experience. The twists, the turns, the rotations and all of the screams were such a great starter to a nice day. Aside from that we did try the EKstreme Tower Ride. I find going up more fearful than the actual drop which is rather short and abrupt. We also did the Up, Up and Away. And for the desire to try getting wet, we did the Jungle Log Jam. And man, that was wicked. And of course we went for the maximum wet experience and did I say I was drenched? I was wet all over when we tried Rio Grande Rapids. Brrrr...

And aside from the very wonderful rides, we also enjoyed all the games the theme park has presented, We actually won a lot of stuffed toys which are so cute, colorful and fluffy. It is funny that sometimes students and other girls ask us to play on their behalf for them to score some stuffed toys as well. I guess we did went home with a lot in our hands.

It was a wonderful and memorable experience. It's nice to finally come back to Enchanted Kingdom. I would love to get back really soon. Here are the stuffed toys we got after the trip!

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