Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decorated Grill Cover for Dad

With Father's Day just around the corner I thought it might be timely to share a couple of Cricut-friendly / man-friendly craft ideas for father's day.  Today we are starting with this fun grill cover decal.  A great gift for dad would be a new grill, but if not a new grill how about a new, personalized grill cover?  And best of all, this is an easy, simple project that you can do in under an hour!  Honest.

  1. I used Cricut Design Studio (though your Gypsy will work equally well), two colors of Cricut Vinyl, and two cartridge - Father's Day and Opposites Attract.
  2. Using Father's Day, place the Man Cave cut on the virtual mat at 6.75 inches high.  Using the "Hide Select Contours" feature and remove the letter C A V E from the lower half of the oval. 
  3. Using Opposite Attracts add the letters Gear at 2.25 inches tall to replace the cave. 
  4. Complete the cut.
  5. Place the base oval from Father's Day onto the mat at 6.75 and cut in a second color of Vinyl.

   6.  Remove the protective backing from the Man Gear cut.  Being very careful, line up the edges and      adhere the top lay to the base oval.

     7.  Remove the backing from the oval and attach the decal to the front or top of your grill cover. 

Our grill cover is a grey canvas, but this green vinyl would really P-O-P on a black grill cover!

If you do not want to use the Gypsy or Design studio, just pick one or two of your favorite father's day cuts and make your own grill decal. 

Tomorrow I will share a coordinating Father's Day card!!

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