Sunday, October 31, 2010


Day 2 as well...
After the Axe Men's Wear at the Main Atrium, me and my friend dashed to SMX Convention Center Hall 2 for Rajo Laurel and Kate Torralba's show. Rajo is doing sahow for Wharton and Kate is doing for Paperdolls. Nice one as we got VIP tickets for this one. Thanks for the Rajo Laurel promo on his blog. =)

A little less of 10:00 PM, the show started off. Great sounds from start to end. Can't help but jive to the tunes of Womanizer and Hard Day's Night. That set the tone that this is gonna be a very fun show. And when the designs came out, they were all refreshing and nice to the eyes. It was only the start but the crowd seems pretty impressed. This goes to show that Kate and Rajo really did a good job preparing for this one. Our seats were so near the stage that I could not get really good shots of the models.

Photo by Yayay De Castro/Style Bible.Ph
Kate's collection for Paperdolls was cute fun and really interesting. I couldn't help but notice the presence of the wedges for the ladies. She displayed fun colors and also has some black & white and earth pieces that are really ready for Summer of 2011. And I just have to say Wilma Doesnt rocks. Whew!

Photo by Yayay De Castro/Style Bible. Ph
Rajo Laurel was again down to business. His designs were cute and really polished. Polos with colorful bow ties and or slim neck ties are common to his set. There were presence of suspenders and slim belts as well andt hey are all colorful - pink, green, purple and so much more. And lets' not forget, Daniel Matsunaga was a -hot!

But it did not stop there! The thing that people would remember about this show is the MTV of Rajo and Kate which was uber fun. Even if Rajo is not present during the show, his models and Kate made sure his presence is felt by holding out Rajo pics at the end of the show. Plus the bike scene with the male models were such a joy to watch.

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Notables around are Victor Basa,  Mark Bautista, Henry Sy, Raymond Gutierrez, Tim Yap and Vicky Belo to name a few. Robby Carmona did a splendid job for the show. This one sure makes a statement that this edition of the PFW is surely one to remember.

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