Sunday, October 31, 2010


Day 3 of Philippine Fashion Week and off I go to Mall of Asia, this time to attend the Ipanema Resort Wear collection at the SMX Convention Center. Before the start of the show, I am expecting things to be nice and fun as Ipanema is. By the way, I wear and use Ipanema slippers so this is like a loyalty move as well. =)

with Miguel Masigan

And as expected lots of people line up again to watch the show. Me and my friend grabbed a seat near the front of the ramp again and I got a chance to have a pic with one of the models for the night. The show featured 50 of the designers for the PFW S/S Collection 2011 and will have sets from 4 designers - Anthony Nocom, Ramon Favila, Ricky Abad and Simon Ariel Vasquez.

And it was indeed a fun show with the nice beats playing on background. All of the models strut their stuff in the most fun of ways. The girls made their way to the catwalk donning refreshing pieces and colorful sets. Bags, bandanas, necklaces were main accessories on each design. Colorful, playful and energetic are few words you could describe them all.

The men's collection were also as colorful as the ladies' set. Color choices of yellow, white, pink and skintones were prominent. Oh my God! I really need to go back to the gym and have those bodies. I have months to prepare before beach season hits again. =) And who could not forget those yellow swim wears? Wonder if anyone would wear those this coming summer?

Ipanema's show surely was a hottie. It combined the colorful concepts with some regular earth-based styles to make a truly refreshing set. Congratulations Ipanema! It was a great experience. Also I get to have these freebies. =)

Photo Credits of the Models: Michael Franks Photography

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