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Day 2: Axe Men's Wear Collection
Summary of Fashion Styles: Tied Up Pants with Laced Shoes, Kicks or Slips
Philippine Fashion Week truly attracted a lot of people specifically in Day 2 as the Axe Men's Wear Collection combines ensembles from 11 different designers with varying concepts an styles. Truly an amazing treat to all fashionistas and everyone else in Mall of Asia Main Atirum. Well, me and my friend snagged a ticket courtesy of one of the designers for the night - Nico Agustin. Marc Nelson hosted the show.

Nocom. Pineda. Policarpio. Capuchino. Barretto. Agustin. Simpao. Favila. Abad. Vazquez. King. They all set the stage ablaze with their collections which were highly appreciated by the crowd. Each designer has their distinct style and has made the night really wonderful.

Design by Anthony Nocom
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Anthony Nocom stayed plain and simple with cardigans and designs that are oftentimes seen as safe. His collection was overall polished and still makes casual wearing seem like it's easy. The best piece I like is this grey top with the color lines combined by black shorts.

Design by Bang Pineda
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
 Bold orange greeted the public as Bang Pineda started his set. He playfully combined traditional casuals with the orange vests and suits to make a bold statement. For me, this orange overall with a bron vest works well.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Frederick Policarpio
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Frederick Policarpio stayed with the blue range but mixed it up with different sets from different hues and intensity. One of the more polished collections in the set, Policarpio made sure that the designs are soothing to the eyes. My pick on his set is this blue ensemble donned in shorts.

Design by Jesson Capuchino
Photo by Paul Cortes
Jesson Capuchino grey and white ensembles were added a different twist - glittery twist at it. I never thought glittery pieces would still come out as masculine but he managed to do it. My favorite in his collection is this white top and gray shorts set. Love those glittery shorts.

Design by M Barretto
Photo by Jerby Tebelin
Plain and casual seems to be the theme of M Barretto's set. He has suits on top of polos and shirts to give a simple casual get-up. He played with color combinations ranging from blue. white and red. The gray casual set is my favorite on his collection - simple yet chic.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Nico Agustin
Photo by Paul Cortes
Nico Agustin made sure to accentuate the clothes with his masterfully crafted belts and waist accessories. These are designs that could pass well on the ramp and even on the office. I'd love to wear them. I personally like this piece from his collection.

Design by Odelon Simpao
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
What I can remember with Odelon Simpao's collection is the combination of buttons and suspenders. Shades of brown were his main color on his set. I love to wear this piece specifically the wonderful jacket.

Design by Ramon Favila
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Ramon Favila made a set that really made people remember. Stripes on undies and boxer pieces were his thing. And the tight black top made the guys really look hot and gorgeous. Here's one of the pieces I liked.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Ricky Abad
Photo by Yayay De Castro/Style Bible.Ph
Ricky Abad made sure audiences have something to really ogle. His set is an underwear set that plays with the colors white, yellow and sky blue. Best underwear for me is this yellow one made more appealing by this hot model.

Design by Simon Ariel Vasquez
Photo by Ryan Ong/Style Bible.Ph
Simon Ariel Vasquez's collection is a wonder to watch. Those skin tight tops that range in colors are really nice and one of the few items that could be worn next summer. What I love the most is this piece. Hope I have a body like him to wear something like that.

Design by Ulysses King
Photo by Paul Cortes
Dynamic and adventurous. Ulysses King's collection played well with accessories and sure made an impact. While the rest of the pack made simpler pieces, King's set made a bold effort to look different and by different means being great as well. This is my favorite on his set.

Overall, the Axe Men's Wear collection was a diverse set of designs but nonetheless it really was a very nice show. Kudos to all the designers. Will try to make individual features on their set in the next few days.

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