Friday, October 29, 2010


I expect a better Day 2 of the Philippine Fashion Week and it was indeed a great one.
I have 2 tickets for that day, October 27, 2010 - one for Axe Men's Wear Collection and a VIP ticket for Rajo Laurel's show for Wharton. But before those shows, I just went to MOA earlier to catch the happenings before the show and take some pictures here and there.

There were booths from several of the sponsors like San Marino Tuna, Ipanema, Whisper, Sony and of course Axe. Axe has fun games before the show across the main fashion ramp. The beautiful Axe girls challenge the guys around in 2 games - Twister and Best Pick-Up Line. Winners get Axe giveaways. I don't want my body twisted just for that. =)

Me and Ulysses King
Me and Nico Agustin
And then I took pictures with 2 of the designers for the Men's Wear Collection. Ulysses King and Nico Agustin. Ulysses collection is "Cross Border" while Nico's ensemble is "Tightly gripped ; elegantly WAIST~ed". Thanks to both of you for the pictures and the time.

Me and Best Friend Chris
Nico's Support Group (Officemates)
And since I'm a bit early. We lined up to get in the seated area of the Main Atrium with my friend Chris and some of Nico and his colleagues at the British embassy. It was fun waiting while having some picture moments (plus the Sony Vaio girls). I took a pic of my friend with one of the ladies. (He posted it in his blog already - )

Chris with one of the Sony Vaio girls
It was a nice start for Day 2. Next post would be the runway shows. =) Gonna sleep first. Hohumm...

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