Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowy White Inspiration

By Lindsey Muth, Contributing Writer 
Tis the season for icicles, snow angels, and blankets of white powder right outside your door (unless you live in Tucson like me, then just be quiet and pretend). Blustery December weather inspires crisp white fashion, a favorite "white" fragrance, and of course white chocolate for dessert!

All Saints can do no wrong (did someone say new favorite brand? Ummm, yep!) and this Caradon Jacket does everything right. Someone bundle me in this, please!

Christmas wish to look amazing while lounging? Let me introduce you to the Accordion-Pleat Pant by American Apparel. You'll become good friends.
Accessorize in snowy white, like these edgy Geometria earrings from Betsy Jewelry Design.

The package may be pink, but the fragrance is as purely delicious as newfallen snow. My grandma's signature scent and now my own, the classic (and affordable) White Shoulders.

When Dean and Deluca hired Felicity you fell in love. Now rekindle that romance with these Black & White Caramel Apples .

Then settle in for a long winter's nap with The Tea Spot's "Snowflakes" White Tea.

Mmmmmm, winter!

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