Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have promised that before the year end, I'll be giving several posts to my loved ones, special ones, friends, acquaintances and other people that have made a big part of my life in the past years, moreso in 2010. To get away with the normal Facebook greetings or text messages, this is a fresh way for me to show how all of you have been so nice. Here's hoping for more in 2011.

To begin with, I would like to thank my parents - 2 loving individuals who never fail to give me the best. It was a difficult year for me but without them, I would have not gotten by the day. They never cease to believe. They have always trusted on my abilities and they know I can get back the things I may have lost. I may not be physically together with both of them but one things for sure, they are always in my heart.

To Tatay, thanks for staying by our side. All the things you have given to me are well appreciated. The sacrifices that you have made are well placed in my heart. They will be forever treasured and cherished. Thanks for the love and respect not just for me but for Inay and my ates. 2010 challenged us in many ways we could imagine but with your belief we have made it through.

To Inay, the single most wonderful soul in the world. You have always loved me unconditionally and I could not ask for anything more. Though at times you still treat me like a kid, I enjoy it and truly feels blessed to have you as a mother. I hope things would always be better for you healthwise so that we can continue dreaming anew. 2010 will already be just a part of the past but its lessons will be forever brought and applied in the years to come. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo.

All I could say is thanks for everything and I really really love you. I am so lucky GOD gave both of you to me. You're my light and my strength.

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