Friday, December 31, 2010


Aside from having the gift of wonderful kids, my two sisters are also blessed by people to whom they vow to share their lives with. My two “bayaws” are nice in their own rights and are surely nice addition to our family. Thanks for being with my two sisters through thick and thin.

Kuya Roy, thanks for being  a constant believer in my sister’s abilities. Hope that your marriage would just continue growing more and more. Thanks for the love you have been giving my sister and your child, Kat. Keep the dreams. 2010 seems to end on a good note for both of you. Ride on the positive energy and continue with it in 2011.

Kuya Ryan, my full gratitude to you for fully accepting my sister and her kids, Gel, Gabo and Gian. You are indeed an individual of good soul. Thanks for the love you have been giving them all. I could only wish for your relationship to grow even stronger. I know it would only be better for you in 2011.

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