Friday, December 31, 2010


Before the year ended, I have met and is in the process of getting to know more new people - establishing friendship along the way. To the 3 of you, it was nice meeting you all. Here's hoping that we can keep the friendship always.

Nomer, I never would have thought that you are such a nice person. There is not a single inch of being rude or bad in you. It was fun talking with you and I enjoyed the coffee sessions and the lomi times. I hope that in 2011, we get to know each other better and have a continuous friendship. Thanks for the kind words and the nice stories.

Uly, thanks a bunch for being so approachable. And I admire your designs I might say. =) Our friendship is still relatively new but I hope it would just grow in 2011. Cheers to you and your good spirit. It is a pleasure to have known you.

Alain, quiet but indeed nice. Even if we have not had much time talking, I know you have a good heart. Thanks as well.

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