Thursday, December 30, 2010


Being the youngest in the family is usually a blessing but it becomes an overwhelming experience if you have the best sisters in the whole world. My two sisters have been really wonderful and together with our parents have stuck with me along the way. We don't look alike (yeah, I know) but certainly we are binded by the bloodlines that crosses emotions and feelings. We also have different personalities but that only made us stronger. In times when I had all the difficulties in 2010, no one surrendered and just continue hoping and praying for the best.

To Ate Mel, being the eldest is a tough job but you have handled it perfectly. You have constantly reminded me to hang on in times when I want to let go. Silent in your own ways but nevertheless strong in all fronts. You have gone through a lot as well but all the blessings you have been reaping so far are fruits of your labor and your perseverance. You are a source of inspiration. On all things you do, you put your family (Roy and Kat) above anything else. Congratulations on being a new AM for BPI. You truly deserve it. I could not find the best words because the best seems not enough to describe you. Thanks and I love you.

To Ate Rose, you have been the risktaker and I have admired you for that. Aside from that, you never fail to put a smile not just on your face but also to us. I don't know how you manage all the stuff you have been doing but really you are wonderful. I am so thankful that you have found a new source of inspiration in Ryan. Together may you build on the emotions to really make the best on your kids (Gel, Gabo, Gian). Thanks for the smiles. I love you.

You two are so wonderful! I would have not asked for anything more. I appreciate the way you have supported me along the way, accepting me for who I really am. I LOVE YOU!

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