Friday, December 31, 2010


And of course, I love everyone of my pamangkins. Gelyn, Gabriel, Catherine and Gian. My sister's kids has always made me happy. They make me smile in the most special of ways. Their innocence makes me want to actually become a kid again. Their laughs and smiles are simply infectious and I would never have a sad time with them.

Gelyn, you are indeed growing to be a beautiful lady. You're in your high school already and all I could ask is for you to keep the good grades coming. Aside from beauty, you are also one gem of a talent. Your voice is nice to hear and one would definitely have a nice time hearing you sing.

Gabriel, you are truly of celebrity makings. You are growing to be a fine lad. Make sure to continue nurturing your skills in sports and for sure a lot of girls would want to get to know you. Be good and always keep cool.

Catherine, a lady of exemplary talent. Brains and beauty combined. Simplicity at its finest. Your interests are really a vast bunch but you are sure one interesting kid. Always keep the smiles and forever value the importance of love and sharing.

Gian, the most sweet of them all. You are truly the bubbliest and that makes you close to my heart. You never fail to make me laugh with every nothingness you utter. You make one seemingly boring thing into a wonder of colors.

To my nephews and nieces, I love you all.

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