Friday, December 31, 2010


This circle of friends have been special to me as well. You hacomprise big parts of my life and somehow you gave reasons for me to still fight. I am hoping I could all give back to you with all the things you have done to me in 2010. Those things will forever be treasured in my heart.

Tin, you are such a kind heart, simply most pure and nice. You have been a big help and I know someday I can give back to you in return. 2010 has been difficult for me but at least I feel better days are ahead of me. Thanks for everything.

Raffy, I owe you a lot. Somehow, I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for all the memories and times together. Thanks for everything that you have helped me with. As I try to rebuild on a better 2011, I will constantly be in touch and I'd just like to remind you that all your help are not forgotten. I know I can repay you one day.

Elmer, thanks for the nice friendship. You have been simply nice. Hope you continue to stay happy and keep others smile as well. Soon, enough I will give back all that you have given. Thanks a lot for not letting go of the friendship.

Deynz, how far you may be, I still value the great friendship we have. Thanks for all and you know I have not forgotten. As I try tpo rebound from a trying 2010, I hope to share more laughs with you and give you everything in return as well.

Eric, feisty yet kind. You will always be treasured as a friend. Thanks for everything as well. I miss your laughs. Till we meet again!

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