Monday, December 20, 2010


I am a traveller and a dreamer. Yup, those are indeed true and while I may have not gone to a lot of Philippine places the way I visit other countries, I pretty much admire and like the idea of visiting our local destinations. I have an entire list of places I'd love to go to and experience life with - actually a notebook of which. =) One of which is Batanes. What makes me fascinated with Batanes?

Simple. Batanes is just wow. Beautiful indeed. Batanes boasts of beautiful creations, from people, nature and sites. My eyes are itching to get a glimpse of those not just on pictures but also in reality. Truly astounding. Its landscape is one of the best on the country and the weather is simply one of the finest in the archipelago. It will definitely be an escapade as it will be a departure from the normal city lights I am used to. The fresh surrounding is something that would really make one relaxed and comfortable. Attractive in its own ways. Though no blinding lights and tall skyscrapers are abound, its simplicity is one that would really be a marvel to enjoy. Nature in its finest. To burst away from the stress city living puts, a getaway with nature would soothe the mind, the body and even the soul. Culture filled people. To experience days with the Ivatans will be a treasure to better understand them and appreciate even the smallest of smiles. And everything of which will definitely put up an experience that will be amazing and worth remembering.

A date with Batanes. yes, I am expecting one and for it to happen in January of 2011 would definitely be awesome.

Beautiful in its purest of forms... Astounding sceneries and landscape... Travel escapade at its best... Attractions of greatest proportions... Natural beauty on its excellence... Extraordinary people and culture... Simply amazing experience... BATANES

For more info on Batanes and the flights going there through SEAIR, please visit their website <> and the SEAIR Facebook Fan Page <>.

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