Saturday, September 12, 2009

MAKE UP TUTORIAL : Soft Smokey Blue Eyes Routine & Jolyn's Party Pixx ♥

(can you spot me?)

heyy i am back with more of the make up tutorials.
i actually start liking to do this. hahaa.
well just to let you know, i am not a proffesional at all, i still have to learn soo many things.
but i just want to shared some of my routines that i hope will helps at least just a little bit. :]
soo don't be too criticsm, enjoy instead..

i just went to my friend birthday party, i did a simple look yet 'smokey'. :]
when i was putting on my make-up, i took some pictures for the sake of this tutorial..
let's get started..


♥ CLINIQUE 3-Steps
♥ CLINIQUE Eye Cream
♥ MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
♥ MAC Liquid Foundation - Mineralize Satin Finish (NC35)
♥ MAC Loose Foundation (Light)
♥ MAC Powder Blush (Melba)
♥ ESTEE LAUDER Deluxe All Over Compact Face
♥ DIOR Eye Palette Detective Chic
♥ MAC Eyeshadow (Stowaways)
♥ MAC Artistic License Technakol Liner (Electric Blue)
♥ BENEFIT Classic Cake Eyeliner Duo
♥ MAYBELLINE Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara
♥ SHU UEMURA Eyelash Curler
♥ Cheap Fake Eyelashes from Watson's
♥ DUO ADHESIVE Falsies Glue (got it from MAC store)


♥ BENEFIT Get Bent 'Cat Eyes' Liner
♥ MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush
♥ MAC 190 Foundation Brush
♥ MAC 187 Duo Fibre
♥ MAC 252 Large Shader/Eyeshadow Brush

Step 1
use any products that works well for your skin care routine.
i did my skincare routine on my last post incase you want to check it out.
wash your face, apply your toner, & your moisturiser.
eye cream is also important to make your eyeshadow lasts longer.

Step 2
this is basically a base.
it works similar with moisturiser but the functioned is to make your skin looks flawless before the foundation. otherwise your face will looks cakey. you don't want that. :]


Step 3
squeeze out your foundation about 2 pump. not too much but just enough to cover up your face.
squeeze them into the palm of your hand.
use the MAC 190 Foundation Brush. this brush works perfectly for liquid foundation.
take the foundation with your brush & put dots of foundation on your face with the brush.
blend the dots all together with the brush.

then, take your loose powder, with the MAC 129 blend them evenly all over your face.
the powder is important to make the 'matte' finish effect of the face.
lastly, take the MAC 187 Brush to blend them even more. this will smoothen out the effect of the foundation without making your face looks gross & cakey. :]


this is what i should look like after the foundation :

Step 4
use your bronzer & blush on.
first, take MAC 129 & dip their tips into your bronzer.
suck in your cheeks & do a big smile to find your cheek bones.
sweeps your cheek bones with the bronzer.


take out your blush on & do the exact same thing of how you apply the bronzer.
put the blush over the bronzer.

Step 5
take any dark color eyeshadow (black/copper) & using MAC 252, sweeps them all over your eyelids.
we're going to make a simple 'smokey' look, so concentrate especially on the tail of your eyes.
make sure your eye lids now looks 'dark'. xD

Step 6
take a silver eyeshadow with the eyeliner brush, sweeps the first half of your bottom waterline near the nose area.
then, apply the rest of your bottom waterline with the blue stick eyeliner.


Step 7
relax your eyes until you can see clearly the eyelid line.
take any kind of eyeliner (i suggest cream eyeliner works the best) & line them with the eyeliner brush (i'm using the 'cat eyes, get bent' liner brush from BENEFIT so it'll be easier to apply cat eyes).
draw the line from the inside to the outside very carefully.
to make the 'cat eyes' looks, simply draw the line longer outside of the corner from the eyes.
draw them a little bit higher.

Step 8
apply your mascara on your top lashes & under lashes for a more dramatic looks.
then, take your eyelash curler & curl them each for about 30seconds.
for information, the eyelash curler from SHU UEMURA is a magic must have!!
they curl your lash in a zziipp!! :]

applying Falsies or Fake Eyelashes are also another options.
in the pictures, i did use falsies. i'll do a special tutorial of how to apply fake eyelashes in another post. :]

Step 9
apply your favorite choice of lipstick or liploss & you are done!!
a simple smokey eyes look with a touch of electric blue under line. xD
hope you have fun..

this is the finishing looks.. sorry about the pictures.
it's a litte bit dark because i took it right before the party..


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