Saturday, September 19, 2009

♥ AIDIL FITRI, Indonesia & Award!

heyyaa i am at home sweet home in INDONESIA. :]
yippie yayyee~
i landed a couple of hours ago, break the last day of fasting on magrib time at home (huhuu it's the last day of Ramadhan in 2009. i hope i can do soo much better on the next Ramadhan. AMIN RAKBAL ALAMIN.), & now i am chilling with my siblings & i thought i'd post a quick greetings for the bloggers. :]

i hope everybody is having fun on holiday. & hope everybody having a safe trip while 'mudik'.
oh how nice is it to be home on Aidil Fitri to gather with beloved family & be forgiven on the holy day.
Aidil Fitri is not until tomorrow, but i'd like to say from the deepeest of my heart..

Happy Aidil Fitri.
May ALLAH accept the good deeds from me & you.
May ALLAH forgive all of our mistakes & sins.
I hope to be forgiven from all what I did wrong intentionally or unintentionally.
Please forgive me. :]
May we have a blessed life, full of rizki, & I wish you all the best. AMIN.
Let's keep the love around in eternity.

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri.
Semoga ALLAH SWT menerima semua pahala kita.
Semoga ALLAH SWT memaafkan kesalahan kita & dihapuskan dosa2 kita.
Risya mohon maaf yang setulus-tulus'nya atas semua kesalahan yang disengaja maupun yang tidak disengaja.
Semoga dimaafkan. :]
Semoga selalu berbahagia, dilimpahkan rezeki, & semua yang baik2. AMIN.
Pertahankan ketulusan hati abadi.

aandd, i got an award from miss Ditty. thank youu, such a sweet thing of you!

the rules:
  1. banner gambar tidak boleh diubah; baik tulisan, warna atau signaturenya tapi kalau resize gambar boleh
  2. tuliskan siapa yang kasih award dan urlnya
  3. pilih 10 female blogger yang kamu kenal dan belum menerima award ini, dan sebutkan alasan kenapa kamu pikir mereka pantas menerima award ini!
i'd like to tagg EVERY GIRLS on my blogroll, friends list, & followers.
you all are such an amazing bloggers, & i'm glad i get to know you even just a little bit.
please, take it. it's my privileage. xD ♥♥

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