Thursday, May 21, 2009

♥ The Tielman Brothers & The Beatles

this is especially a MUST read for every Indonesians.

The Tielman Brothers.. i'm not exactly sure if this band is even well known in Indonesia, their own country.
but they are sure very well known internationally since the 1950's, long before The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
The Beatles itself was a big fan of The Tielman Brothers, Paul Mccartney said that The Tielman was one of the band that inspired The Beatles. (how cool is that!).

i'm gonna quote some article written by others (since i don't know much) :

"Indo-Rock genre were Indonesian-Dutch bands that combined many many different styles to form one of their own. American Rock 'n' Roll was popular in Europe, but the aggressive style of playing of Indo-Rock bands also has it's roots in Indonesian music. Indonesian music also includes a sort of rock 'n' roll type of music called Krontjong.

Later on, The Beatles meeting one of their idols, Little Richard, in Germany is legendary. Little Richard also met Andy Tielman there and offered Andy a job, which he declined. Little Richard later worked with Jimi Hendrix and told him about this crazy Indonesian guy he saw playing the guitar behind his back - so Andy Tielman very well could have been the inspiration for Jimi's crazy antics, who knows? Also they were pioneers in using the Les Paul guitar - now a rock staple but they were one of the first - and also downtuning their guitars. Downtuning is used in Heavy Metal today - credited to Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath who did it first. Iommi's inspiration for downtuning guitars was probably the Tielman brothers".
(clap clapp)

heck i didn't even know about this band until now, where i accidently ran through a great arcticle review about the tielman from this blog and this blog , then i double checked in Youtube & Wikipedia article.

the real purpose of this blog is to gives knowledge to all Indonesians that we used to have a LEGENDARY band that was very well known & respected internationally.
It's part of history so be proud about itt!!
This badd-ass band are definetely badd ass!! =x

gak disangka2 kan band produksi dalam negeri bisa berjaya segitu hebatnya.
jadi jangan lo sangka, the beatles aja terinsipirasi sama the tielman, skill gitarnya jimi hendrix dari jauh2 hari udah dikuasai sm the tielman sebelumnya. bukan gak mungkin si jimi hendrix malah belajar dari the tielman. bangga gak sihh kita?

makanya sebagai warga indo, malu kan kalo cuma taunya the beatles doang.. bangga2in the beatles doang sedangkan band EDAN dalam negeri kga pernah denger sama sekali.
EDAN lohh menurut gue, main gitar segala pake stick drum, pake kaki, pake 2 jari. mantapp lahh.

be sure to check them out. i post a video of them below.. rock n roll' ♥♥

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