Friday, May 22, 2009


i really like my dad's quote in his facebook..
i like it so much i can't wait to share it with youu.

he enjoys riding with his mountain bike so much, that he'd do it early in the morning in the weekends even though he had to work hard until midnight in the week-days. =D
such a hard working dad but he still can enjoys what he likes best.
the quote that he put in his facebook is about his hobby, riding..

"I ride to be there for my children on their wedding day and when my grand children are born.
I ride so I can grow old with my wife.
I ride for the pleasure, the pain, the places and the people.
I ride for the joy of feeling like a kid again.

soo sweet isn't it?

and this is some pictures of his joy time

ride safe pahh..
love. love ♥♥

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