Saturday, May 23, 2009

♥ Home Sweet Home ♥

i'm going back to my country today, Indonesia.
& back home to Bintaro.
i am soo very excitedd to be home, how i miss my family very muchh.
the flight itself is going to be a 2hour flights, i hope it will fly smooth & safe, AMIN.
i might as well read some novels on the way there.

i have not even packed at all, have not even charge my cell,
but i am going to take Kitty to somewhere else, probably in the pet shop, so people could help me to take care of kitty for sometime until i get back.
hang on tight Kitty, i'll be back.
i you.

as for Hney, he also going back to his country today, Thailand.
he will be taking train this day time at 2.20pm & will take about 24 hours to get to Bangkok.
good luck Hney, always be safety,
i you soo veryy muchh. xD

all i ask from you is good prayers for me.

may i travel safety, semoga Risya selamat sampai tujuan Jakarta hari ini dengan selamat,

(my home sweet home, this is the view from the side & from the back of my house, my Mom take care of her garden very well xD)

happy holiday, have fun, take care, be safe..
=D ♥♥

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