Monday, May 25, 2009


got another award from Onic, thankss darll ~

this is my 6th award. xD
the childhood award.

the rules is to share your childhood memory about your childhood toy(s).


i had a lot of different toys when i was a child, but my top 3 was..
  1. Barbie Dolls
  2. Polly Pocket Toys
  3. & Sailormoon Cards
Barbie, i am sure a lot of youu had loved this doll or even still loving it untill now. I do still like barbie until now, but not as much as i used to when i was a child. I liked to play dress up & pretend that i was as pretty as barbie when i was a child. xD

Polly Pocket, this toy was really fun back in the day. i can decorate of the house, playing drama stories about the charather in the polly pocket house, etc. It felt like i was in a glamour life even though i was just a child.. xD

Sailormoon Collectible Cards, i was soo veryy totally in love with Sailormoon. I watched every single episode of the series, i remember the line when the sailormoon transformed into heroes, well i was pretty much obsessed with them. I still watch it even until now, i own every single episode in my laptop. xD i have every single collection cards from sailormoon, even until now. I think it's still there somewhere in my room.. ♥♥

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