Wednesday, May 20, 2009


heyyaa i'm back again. =D

i went to KL (kuala lumpur) for a day to accompanied a friend of mine applying to some university in malaysia.
there's a bunch of universities and colleges all around malaysia.. so it's a big choice for those who's still confused of where to apply.

as for my university i am currently studying now, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
apparently are the No.1 rank of the best university in malaysia, and no.13 rank of the best university in southeast asia. see the link here.
how so very lucky i am. =D

so for those Indonesians who's still not sure of where to go,
if you want to apply in Malaysia, try the public institution. the one who supported by the goverments. it should gives you advantages & convinience. because if you go to the private institution, i don't think they have qualifications. besides, the private one will always ripped your money off. =x

if you're worried about the culture shock, the socialities, etc.
well, i don't have any comments because if you're willing to study overseas, it's already means you're risking everything.
and sure i do have a LOOOOTTT of bad experienced in malaysia, but i try to just overcome all of those troubles and focus on what's more important in my life, like my future, my family, and my Hney for instance. hahaa =D

before making any further decicion to apply here there.. just give it a lot of thoughts and you should be fine.

good luckk. ♥♥

(me, shella, sabrina, indaa)

(inilah muka2 lelaki malaysia. =x, jgn protess!! hahaa.)

(yg ujuuung kiri itu lah tipikal perempuan malaysia. =D)

(naah kalo yg ini tipikal cewek indonesia. mhuahuahuaaa)

(my hair is now messy & curly & ummhh my body is a bit skinnier now =x)

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