Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catch Up Scapping

I have spent the day hermitted in my scrap room. I was not making cards, or working on my BBTB challenge, or designing for Custom Crops. No... I was doing some old fashioned scrapping!

My younger son will graduate from high school on June 5th and we are hosting an open house for him on June 6th. I would really like to have his scrap books as up to date as possible for the open house, but it is going to take lots of hours of scrapping to achieve that goal.

As I dug through my photo file I found photos of Ian from Spirit Week last October that had not been scrapped, a few photos from Christmas, and the rest were April and May events. I am hopeful that I have found all of my missing Ian photos. The following are a few highlights:

Day three of Spirit Week, TACKY DAY -

Ian with Grandma Edwards -

Locks of Love hair donation -

Prom -

Graduation Announcement Scrap Page -

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