Friday, May 22, 2009

New Nephew

I have a new nephew.... Well technically he is a great-nephew, and technically he is my husband's great nephew. But his dad, Chris, was the first baby born after I joined the Edwards family so he is MY nephew too.

Chris and his wife Trish welcomed baby Joel to their family last week. I have to say that Joel has the coolest nursery I have ever heard of... He has baby ninjas decorating his nursery. How great is that?

Anyway, last night I went to Target to shop Chris and Trish's baby registry. I found some fun and practical items for Joel which I will be shipping today. Included with his bounty of gifts (I did get a BIT carried away), will be this card. Chris and Trish truly consider Joel to be a blessing, so they should like the card. Also, they used blue and green together throughout the nursery.

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