Wednesday, May 20, 2009


my 3rd award given by Elly. aww thanksss yaaahh. she actually gave me more than one award, but i've posted the rest of them.

however, this one is a new award for me..

the rules :

1. First, make a top 10 list of the bad habits that you dislike.
2. Second, list the reasons why you dislike those bad habits as mentioned in point 1.
3. Thirdly, tagged 10 other bloggers.

okk, i have quite numbers of bad habits, but i'm just going to mention some that came first to my mind..


1. Gossiping - oh well i don't feel good about talking bad stuff about other people. i usually regret it afterall & felt really bad but it's just naturally happen. =x

2. English slang leads to poor grammar - i'm not new in English speaking at all, i'm pretty good in conversation, good in prononciation, not very bad at all in spelling either.. but i am pretty poorr about grammar. =( i speaks too much slang & swears a little bit too much too.

3. I eat too much onion - i am a veryy big fan of onion, all kinds of onions. it's a kind of a bad thing cause it makes you having a bad-breath, the kind of onion bad smell.

4. I'm always sleepy - i don't know why.

5. I'm extremely SHY - ahh i hate this the most. when i meet new people, i tend to be so quiet & really shy that makes people think i am not friendly. I AM FRIENDLY, just not in the first meeting. =D

6. I do my university assignments in the last minute - i'm going to have to break this habit sooner or later!!!!

7. I get hungry a lot - this is odd, i am actually really skinny.. but believe me or not, i'm hungry most of the time. lool.

8. I read magazines in the toilet - ok i should not even mentioned this, but yeahh.. i do read magazines in the toilet. forgive me..

9. I am a cry baby - i cry in almost everything. sad movies, saying goodbyes, saying sorry, well almost everything.

10. I get offended easily - this is a very bad thing because i should not even give a shat about what other people think of me. and sometimes people don't even mean what they said & i take it as an insult already. =(


i tagged this for..
  1. Alanna
  2. Cinta
  3. Dhea Febrina
  4. Ditty
  5. Enep
  6. Febii
  7. Gita Paramitha
  8. Indah-O
  9. Inta
  10. Lokita Mardanti
and ANYBODY that would like to post this and tagg moree, take itt.
tnxx. ♥♥

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