Wednesday, May 20, 2009


another award, ohmyy i received quite many award in a day. =D
anyhow, thankss for all my bloggers friends that still care and tagg me these awards.

this time the award is given by Gita Paramita. she is the fashionable chick from Petrushka's Closet. thanksss girliee.
this is my 5th award.

rules :
  1. each bloggers must post this rules
  2. each bloggers starts with 10 random facts / habits about themselves
well since i have already posted about my bad habits, now i am going to post about my random facts.
  1. i am scared of cats, but i own a 2 months kitten. =x
  2. i love chillis & onionsss. i just ♥ them.
  3. my favorite band is arctic monkeys.
  4. i am currently studying foreign affairs (hubungan internasional).
  5. my most favorite place to shop is anywhere in Bangkok.
  6. my favorite make-up brand are MAC & Clinique.
  7. i hate people that are rude & ungrateful.
  8. my boyfriend has to be wise, polite, laugh easily, & wear a normal style without any of the emo, punk, electric label kind of thing.
  9. i always put extra pashmina, cardigan, or jacket in my purse just incase the day got colder.
  10. i ♥ bags & purses, but i'd prefer the branded one suchs balenciaga, chanel, LV, etc even though sometimes i can only afford the fake one. =x
i'd like to tag..
  1. Pheby
  2. Prila
  3. Putri Erdisa
  4. Raisa
  5. Viinkerbell
  6. Andanta
and ANYBODY can post this award.
it's for YOUU, yes youu afterall. ♥♥

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