Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moments {of Embrace}

A lot of hugging occurs on a wedding day. There are embraces between old friends and embraces between new acquaintances. There are embraces between family and embraces between the two people who on that day say their vows.

So far, in the Moments series, we have looked at Moments {of Laughter} and {Stolen} Moments, and today I wanted to focus on the sweet and joyous Moments {of Embrace}.

E & C- Alison Portis Photography

I couldn't resist including this last photo from our wedding since I love the memory of that moment. We chose to see each other before the ceremony (considering we were already legally married, I figured it couldn't be too bad of luck,) and I loved getting this brief quiet moment with E in an otherwise hectic and non-stop day.

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