Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know this might be a bit late of a post but I have not seen anyone publish the results of the evening so here it goes.

Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelors: "The Perfect Ladies' Night Out" saw months of campaign and promos end with a big bang. The SMX Convention Center was flocked by bachelors (contestants or expectators), bachelorettes, gays and even people from the biz & press as they try to push their bets into taking the top prize. Though it started a tad late at around 9:30 or 9:45 PM, the show did not disappoint. The guys owned the ramp as viewers were just put into awe by their majestic looks and immensely sculpted bodies.

The night ended with 20 year-old Ryvin Canido taking the Top Bachelor plum as he received the most number of internet votes and live ballot votes. First runner-up is 29 year-old Valenzuela City Councilor Adrian Concepcion Dapat. Second runner-up is given to Khalid Gunting who hails from Marawi City and the third runner-up spot was grabbed by 26 year-old dragon boater Kristoff Guela.

Some of the sponsors include Axe, Unilever, Mint and Mossimo. To Vivre Fort and the winners, congratulations. We're hoping for another event of this scale to happen again.

Picture from top: Logo of 100 Bachelors, Ryvin Canido, Adrian Dapat, Khalid Gunting and Kristoff Guela (lower right).

Photo Credits: Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelors and the contestant's Facebook pages.

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