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In time for the upcoming reboot, X-Men First Class, I am sharing with you guys my top list of villains of the X-men universe. My choices are a varied array of characters ranging from cool, greatly evil or just plain nasty. Here they are.

1. Mystique
- The shape shifter blue lady. Gorgeous yet deadly. That said, Mystique is my top X-men villain. She can copy anyone's form making her a deadly weapon that can pounce nearby. She is Nightcrawler's mom and Rogue's adoptive mother. Now, I never thought blue could be this sexy.\

2. Magneto
- The story of having a former ally and close friend become an enemy is always a very intirguing one. Magneto, Erik as he is more commonly known was a former friend and ally of Professor X. The difference in ideas, beliefs and motives just kept them apart. And aside from that, Magneto truly possesses one great ability -  the power to manipulate the electromagnetic force to achieve a wide range of effects. Cool but deadly!

3. Sabretooth
- Wolverine's rivalry with Sabretooth is always a joy to watch. Their battles are really physically draining and one could see that they are realy made to match each other. If you are looking for a villain that could pounce on the physical aspect, then Sabretooth is your man. Strong, huge and quick. Sabretooth surely always poses threat to the other X-men.

4. Lady Deathstrike
- I am always fascinated by lady villains matching toe to toe with their hero countreparts. And one kick-ass villain on that end is Lady Deathstrike.  She has supehuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility. Deathstrike's skeleton has been artificially laced with molecules of adamantium, rendering her skeletal structure practically unbreakable. Her battles with Wolverine were simply awesome.

5. Pyro
- Touted to be one of the X-men, he defected the group and joined Magneto instead. With pyrokinesis as his main powers, his rivalry with Iceman is surely something every enthusiast wait for. Hot tempered and all but truly Pyro can heat up the whole area and make you scream for help.

6. Juggernaut
- If you see a barraging man of steel on your path, you sure don't want to mess around. That is true with Juggernaut. Agile and physically strong, he can bash around anything or anyone that comes in his way. Though he may seem weak once his helmet is removed, it still is a daunting task to do so.

7. The Sentinels
- Big lean killing machines. The sentinels truly pose big threats to the X-men. These robotic villains have nothing in them but to kill and created chaos.

8. Apocalypse
- Apocalypse was long a picture of doomsday in the X-men universe but with not much to offer physically, I find the strengths and abilities of Apocalypse rather unamusing. Still, he is one of the most feared enemies of the X-men as he can really kill and the heroes know that.

9. Omega Red
- Not yet given a movie break, Omega Red is definitely one of the more difficult villains of X-men. Cunning, witty and otherwise pesky, Omega Red uses his ability to create Death Spores to make a killing. Super agile and armed with  long retractable tendril-like coils made of carbonadium, he can attack foes from long range and make them pay big time.

10. Toad
- I like Toad's character in the X-men series. Sort of funny yet when needed to strike, evil is written all over his face. Fast and spits thta disgusting saliva to immobilize opponents, Toad is one of the yuckiest X-men villain which I know they want to take out first on any battle.

Photos from: Wikipedia, Marvel Universe, Yahoo and Google

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