Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mommaista & her mini-me!

By Lauren Gonzalez

Inspired by Super Mom Casi and her precious baby Sadie, I’v scoped out some of my favorite mother and daughter (and son!) looks. Let’s be honest, no matter what happens you only have one mom. I can only speak for myself, but I love and appreciate all the incredible things my mom has done for me over the years. Usually it was just my younger sister and I matching clothes, however, the “Mommy & Me” trend has definitely taken off and grown! 

Here are some of my favorite “Mommy and & Me” looks: 

Lilly Pulitzer is well-known as one of my favorite brands, it’s no secret. I love the bring colors, the great dresses and happy prints. It’s my go-to feel-good brand! I personally think Lilly does fabulous mother and daughter looks. As much as the brand is geared towards women, it does a wonderful job on all the children's clothing as well! That’s right, you can match with the little man in your life, too! Usually there’s some matching shorts, swim trunks and ties for the grown-up gentlemen as well! The whole family can be decked out in coordinating Lilly - I’ve seen it done in Christmas cards, and I just about melt! 

What I like most, is that there are just as many options for your minnie as there are for you! She doesn’t want a ruffles? Doesn’t like a high collar? No problem. There’s just so much to choose from. The hardest part is usually picking a favorite look! 

Antik Batik truly has me floored. I am obsessed with their stylish and trendy dresses. I fell in love after seeing Miranda Lambert, one of my favorite country singers, perform on The Ellen Degeneres Show in a gorgeous silver Anitk Batik dress. I was blown away. It looked completely and utterly fabulous. I can not tell you how hard I looked online for that dress. And then I found it. And then I found more!  

Back to the Moms and Minnies, though! These looks are timely and perfect for the increasingly warmer weather. The light material won’t weigh you down while your on the go from dance classes, the pool, or an outdoor barbeque party. I love the color combinations in both prints - again, the hard part is definitely picking just one matching pair! 

I have very fond memories of helping my mom cook in the kitchen when I was little. I remember she even got me a little apron that was just my size! Those are great memories. Well, I stumbled upon the cutest matching apron set on Etsy! It’s from the mothernaturesnursery shop. That’s all one word, no spaces!!  

Anyways, there are plenty of color options for your matching aprons. If you have little boys who like to help cook, too that’s no problem! There are little aprons without ruffles  or bows. They can also specially embroider them to say your children’s names! How precious is that? And as if these matching sets couldn’t get cuter...they do. You can also get a little chef hat that matches your little helper’s apron!  

Cooking has never been cuter! 

Lastly, I know you won’t always want to match you little ones. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t all be dressed in style!  

I simply adore J. Crew for women and Crew Cuts for kids! 

I carefully picked out some looks that coordinate well. Wether you both (or all!) are opting for stripes, a cool graphic tee, a flowing top, fun patterns or pretty dress - you will definitely find some great looks at J. Crew. 

So these were MY top pick for matching moms. What are some of YOUR favorites to wear?  

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