Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate Plus 8 is BACK!

cupcakeMAG gives you scoop with all things Kate and just how FABulous she is!  
Check out the one on one chat with Kate Gosselin! 

{All images courtesy of TLC}
On Monday, April 4 at 10pm, TLC brings back all-new episodes of KATE PLUS 8. Excited yet? We are thrilled. The hour-long premiere episode follows Kate and her eight as they travel 21 hours across the globe to Australia – the longest flight they’ve ever taken. Read on to see what they have been up to as they have never stopped filming. Get to know Kate a little more - from her pet peeves to her style - Kate gives us a second look at her life. 

In our interview we learned that Kate is only human as she confess to us that "My house is always somewhat 'clutter controlled', my bedroom/office is my 'dumping grounds' as I call it. It's always in half packed to go away mode and half unpacked mode... It's atrocious and I long for help in that arena...disturbing even on its best days..." She also filled us in our her newest pet peeves, " toys, snacks, cups, school paraphernalia, etc. rolling around my vehicle while driving" and like us, she probably couldn't survive without her iPhone. Kate is seriously an amazing mother and we were thrilled that she had a chance to fill us in on life. We just adore Kate and her amazing 8!

1.) We have to say -- we missed YOU and are thrilled that Kate Plus 8 is back for a 2nd season. What can we expect to see this season? 

We've not stopped filming at all so our crazily wonderful schedule has never missed a beat, but you can expect lots of travel to amazing places, some helping others, local history/education... Fun, fun, fun and lots of kid noise and mom's loud voice, as always! :)

2.) Your latest book, I Just Want You to Know, how did that come about? It will be great for your kids to read and look back on one day. We loved the format of how you wrote it. 

I Just Want You To Know was the combining of my journal I kept nearly daily while still married and before (Jon &) Kate plus 8 was a household name. It describes my struggles of that time with 8 young kids. Also laced into the book is a personal letter to each of my kids that describes them, my unique love for them, my challenges to them and my dreams for each of them. Overall, it's my favorite book I've written (on my own on my iPhone as I was traveling, no less) of my three. It's timeless and true and has surprisingly inspired moms all over to write a love letter to each of their children! Not intended, but a wonderful outcome! 

3.) Over the years we have watched how organized you are and really, have to be. What suggestions do you have or what are some of your favorite tips to keep things organized?

Do it now! If something needs to be labeled, taken care of, etc, do it now or at very least, keep a running to do list and make sure it gets on it now. My list is in the notes section of my iPhone and I have each week on it's own page with each date listed and things that need to get done on it daily (this mag interview was on today's list) as well as Target, Whole Foods list etc. I make lists! End of organizational story.

4.) You are constantly on the go and always look so well put together. What is your go-to outfit?

Aww, thanks. I go to: Jeans, a cute top and earrings and heels. Done.

5.) Back to Kate Plus 8! How has the show changed? 

Other than the obvious changes, the kids are growing up, developing friendships and schedules of their own, opinions, love of travel and knowledge and our life stress is changing in nature but constant so there's still lots of drama! Hopefully someday, you'll see me dating (gulp!) at some point... I'm moving towards considering a possibility of re-entering that world of dating... Maybe! {lol}
6.) Are you glad to have the film crew back? I am sure the kids love having them!

They've never gone and yes, we indeed love our friends.
7.) You are one busy momma + have taught so many how you can balance + be a super woman. What's up next for you? 

Currently I'm holding steady. However, I'm open always for more fun (I consider work fun... Love what I do!) and different new experiences in the media/TV world. I feel comfortable in my career and am constantly challenging myself to do more and do it well-- to the best of my ability! So, we shall see what 2011 brings my way!

And lastly, get to Kate a little more! Read on to see just what who her latest love is....

Likes: My dog Shoka -- I'm totally in love with him now (we got off to a rough puppy start but since getting him back, we are ALL in love with him). Very lucky he is part of our family. He absorbs worry and gives unconditional love!

Dislikes: decaf coffee, cold coffee, coffee that is so strong I choke! 

We seriously adore Kate (we need TEAM KATE shirts around here!) and can't wait for Season 2 of Kate Plus 8! Set your DVR's now and remember to watch Kate Plus 8 on TLC this Monday, April 4th! Check your local listings so you don't miss it! 

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