Tuesday, August 31, 2010


GMA-7 has finally unleashed the latest season of Survivor Philippines. This time around, celebrities and well known personalities will compete and battle it out to be the ultimate survivor. This season gathers 18 celebrities to outwit and outlast each other. This is a list of the Top 5 celebrity contestants who I think will make big noise in this year's edition.

- Even when he was still with rival network ABS-CBN, Ahron is a very likeable character and still is up to now. Not as strong looking as the other male contestants (Hall, Sato, Vijandre) but he sure has developed into a gym buff person. Since he is not an imposing figure, he is somehow safe from early votes in the tribal council. Let's just hope we see the good side of Ahron and he is well on his way to the last few stages of the contest. Early on, he's turning to be one of the favorites by viewers.

- In terms of brute and physical strength, I fancy John's chances in this contest. Yet that could be a double edged sword on him as well as most people might see him as a threat. But he might be staying long in this game as long as he keeps his girls in his company (girlfriend Michelle Madrigal and ex Aubrey Miles). That's 3 votes already including his own. If he survives the early eliminations, he's bound to have a run at it in the finals.

- Bubble Gang regular Myka is an adorable figure. Her demeanor and kind nature might bode well for her as she can have the sentiment votes from most of the people in the tribe. The fact that she is not a physical threat in terms of challenges could also do well as he's not an early target in tribal councils. I expect her to have her ways into the individual rounds but once there, the idea of sympathy votes by viewers might get her kicked off sooner than we think.

- Of all the lady participants, I think the strongest is sprint queen Elma Muros-Posadas and that could mean she's a threat and could be sent home packing early on. With that of the girls, Solenn has the statisitical chance of moving through the final stages. She can be seen as nimble and fragile by her co-contestants and might be one of the free riders for this season. Although, I have a feeling she can charm her way into the last few days of Survivor and there pounce the others unexpectedly. I think, she's more than meet the eye.
- Never mind if his claim to fame is being Marian Rivera's ex. He's one of the few contestants that really is not that big of a name yet. That can bring wonders to him as he might not be the target early on. I think he can go toe to toe during challenges and could even take out Jon and Akihiro. There's a boit of mystery in this guy as well which makes me want to discover more.

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