Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keeping up with Kourtney

Kardashian is one name we all know (& love!) in Hollywood. From Keeping up with the Kardashians to Kourtney & Khloe take Miami to the pages of the weeklies -- they are everywhere and we LOVE it. 
Since we spoke to Kourtney last her life has changed - but only for the better. We couldn't wait to catch-up! Kourtney opens up on her style since Mason, DASH and a few things we just might not know about her!

Since we spoke last so much has changed. Last time we talked to you the first season of Kourtney & Khloe take Miami was just starting, you were beyond excited about Dash Miami and just finding out you were expecting. How has life changed since Mason

Well, life is now ALL about Mason! And I am loving every second of it. It was definitely an adjustment, but in the very best way! 

You always have great style. Always! Has your style changed since Mason?

Yes. I am all about looking chic but being comfortable. I am always looking for stylish flats that I can run around in. Amazing big sunglasses have saved my life, especially on days when i just don't have time for makeup. I also find myself wearing jeans or shorts more rather than skirts or dresses (in the day at least)...I like to get down on the floor and play with him, so you can imagine this to be hard in a tight dress. I'm all about throwing on some jean shorts and a white t shirt and not spending as much time getting ready...for now anyways!

We had spoken about new DASH stores. Are those still in works, were you able to find any locations? 

I would LOVE to open a DASH in NYC. That would be the next goal. New York exudes fashion. It is THE place for everything and anything fashion in America, so it is the next natural place to open a DASH. I am hoping to make this dream come true, as if I don't have enough going on already, especially being a new mom. 

This season of KUWTK just started -- we are sure it is another great season. What do we have to look forward too?

Kim dating a little, Khloe teaches Lamar to swim, I try and help my mom kick a nasty little habit of hers, Scott and I trying for baby number two...all the usual Kardashian craziness. 

Do you have any favorite brands you put your little prince in? We have to say, he has great style for a little one too! 

Thank you!! It's so fun dressing him. Right when he was born, I went through his closet again and I was like this is his style and this is not. Once I met him, I knew. Crazy I know. I love Ralph Lauren, Eye Spy, Petit Bateau, Kicky Pants (pjs), Appaman (outerwear), Munster, h&m has great basics, Fore, Burberry, Haiden Surf (swim trunks). I am sure that I'm forgetting a million others.

We are getting ready to head off to New York Fashion Week in a few weeks. What do you see being the hot trend this coming fall? 

I would say military insipired clothes will continue. I think leather will be a big trend. (shorts, pants, tops, dresses)

What should every girl have in her closet? 
The perfect white boyfriend button down shirt. Classic, amazing with jeans, pants, shorts, even over a bikini open with the sleeves rolled up!

Any new projects or ventures in the works?

Always! We have been editing our Kardashian Konfidential book! My sisters and I had a blast reminiscing as we wrote it. It will be out right after Thanksgiving. 

1. I was stung by a scorpion in college. 
2. I'm a bitch when I'm hungry.
3. I love crying when watching sad movies. 
4. I eat 2-4 double stuffed oreos dipped in milk before bed. 
5. I always have a book with me in case I end up having time to read (not that I ever do). 
6. I have had 3 panic attacks in my life. (all in closterphobic situations when I had no control)
7. I love interior design. 
8. I love going to the mall!
9. Breakfast at Tiffanys is my favorite movie. 
10. I totaled my first car in high school. 

For all things Kourtney keep watching this season of Keeping up with the Kardashians on E! - follow her on Twitter, Facebook and make sure to check out her blog here

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