Tuesday, August 31, 2010

one gal we currently & always will be obsessed with!

We first met Danielle almost a year ago when we asked her for a little help with our blog button. Just recently, we saw exactly what she was capable of doing when she re-vamp'd both of our newly chic blogs & main site, cupcakeMAG.com. We still just stare at the pages - it is just oh so chic. Not only did Danielle do both of our blogs in just a few hours but she has passion & a big heart, going full-force with everything she does which is why we just had to share Miss Danielle with you! 

Danielle, the owner and buyer for Shop Dandy and the editor of Just Dandy has years of experience styling and working fashion photo shoots. With a background of a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Interiors and Textiles she has worked in many different fields that has set her skills apart from others. She worked in retail which has taught her the basics of running and managing a store. She served as a design coordinator for a large home builder and it opened and trained her eye for color and design. Most recently she serves as a head and assistant buyer for very successful boutique. As you can see Danielle loves fashion. It is just contagious for her! We were so happy to sit down and chat with Danielle to get to know more about HER. 

How did Shop Dandy begin? 

Shop Dandy began out of a love to share my taste and desires. It all started with my blog, Just Dandy where I would sell "my own clothes." I was floored with the response I would get on my "blog sales" that people would admire the pieces I wore on a daily basis or to a special event. I have always had the dream to own my own boutique, and being a web based boutique, was the first step I took. 
It is fun, I love searching and finding great designers to feature and to buy from. It kind of takes all of my skills and puts them in one outlet! I love being able to run Shop Dandy!

Do you have a go-to outfit? 

About 90% of the time you will find me in a dress! I live in Florida, where the sun is always blistering, and I seem to wear a dress 24/7. Whether it is a fancy dress for date night, or a sun dress for a day of shopping, my go-to is a dress!

Describe your style. 

I would say that my style is everywhere and everything. I like the term "wear what you feel" because I seem to just throw on what I feel for the moment and event! My style is a little more causal with sun dresses and day dresses with sandals and then some wedges and bangles to dress it up at night! I love to buy what I feel great in, whether it is the hot trend or not! I love trends and take a big part in them but the best advice I can give is to take fashion risks but make sure you are comfortable in your own skin!

When and how did you start web design? 

I started with my web skills in high school. I used to trick out all my friends "myspaces" with designs I would create.. that was where it began! In college I took a couple classes in graphic design to enhance my skills, but for the most part I am self taught! I do a lot of designing out of love and love to help others feel confident about their online look! Be sure to check out Dandy Designs for any type of graphic design for print or web!

Besides fashion and being a genius when it comes to the web - what else can we catch you doing? 

I also have a huge love for weddings, I am the editor and creator of Florida Brides Blog a modern blog for the elegant bride! When I am not on the web you can catch me cheering and screaming for The University of Florida Gators. My husband is the Head Coach for the University of Florida Gators Ice Hockey Team! Go Gators! 

What is up next for Shop Dandy? 

I can't wait to take Shop Dandy to the next level! I hope to offer more sizes and styles for every woman at every age. Please stay tuned to the website for our full launch in January 2011!

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