Monday, August 30, 2010

cupcakeMAG: home edition

In June, CHI Home sent us this amazing Ceramic Clothing Iron and guess what? -- we haven't stopped ironing since! This is by far the newest standard in home appliances as it incorporates the latest Advanced American Technology including ceramic, ionic and far infrared to release wrinkles in the most delicate of fabrics in record time. We couldn't believe how fast it heats up! 

Thoughtfully designed, the flash heating red and gray iron has a smooth nonstick ceramic sole plate. Why Ceramic? Just as hair, clothes are also made up of fibers. Traditional metal plates can burn, snag and eventually deform the fibers. The ceramic sole plate of the CHI Home Ceramic Clothing iron glides easily across different materials without snagging and burning. When set to the appropriate temperature, one glide will eliminate wrinkles—even on the most delicate of fabrics such as satin, silk and nylon. A ceramic surface means less wear and tear on fabric for prolonged longevity of your favorite clothing. As it releases wrinkles, the CHI Iron collects dust directly to the sole plate. White and gray specs of dust will be visible upon use. To clean, simply let the iron cool and wipe with a soft cloth to remove any residue.

Why else we LOVE it: 
- Precision tip maneuvers into hard reach areas like those pleats in dresses, pockets and collars
- You can adjust the heat for different fabrics with the very accurate temperature dial. 

- The many functions include: spraying, a spray on water directly on cloth; steam ironing, continuous steam for higher temperature ironing; and burst of steam, an extra boost of steam to treat stubborn wrinkles. 
- The self cleaning option loosens minerals for top steam performance each and every time. Built-in stand provides vertical stability. A better engineered iron equals better performance, faster results and less time ironing.

For more information, visit, $89.99 -- go buy-it now, you won't regret it! 

About CHI Home, LLC
Established in 2009 by President Shauky Gulamani, CHI HOME, LLC has integrated Innovative Technologies including Ceramic, Far Infrared, Nano Silver and UV-C into daily household items for a more efficient and healthier lifestyle. Gulamani, an instrumental party in the development of the original CHI iron, propagated the technologies he applied to the professional hair care for “An Environmental Lifestyle offering today’s smart consumer unique superior products at an everyday affordable price.” CHI Home currently has lines in home care, hair care, personal care and kitchenware.

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