Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend at the Lake Scrap Peek #2

Today's peek at my weekend crop projects will feature my daughter and her activities.  Do you detect a pattern here?  Yesterday was the older son, followed by my daughter - the middle child - today.  Hmmmm.  Who do you think will be featured tomorrow?

This two page layout features Bethany and her friend Bailey who attended the Charleston Green Fair.  I was especially excited to be able to use the letter G from Tie the Knot cartridge for my capital letters in the page title.  I welded lower case Plantin to the Tie the knot caps.


Bethany and Bailey were photographed with the event "mascots" and the picture appeared in the local Charleston paper.  For those who may not be familiar with our State, Charleston is three hours away and we do not get the Charleston paper in Aiken.  Silly us, we get the Aiken Paper.  Bethany did not get a copy of the actual newspaper for me, but she did send me a link to the on-line pdf of the article.  I was able to the save the pdf article and print it onto cardstock.  I also was able to right click the photo, save it and print it and create this double page layout.

You may recall the first page of the two page layout below - the left page was created for a BBTB2 challenge using the phase cut In Style from Graphically Speaking.  I also designed a second page for the layout.  I have found that 99% of my layouts are double page spreads.   When I used the left page for BBTB2, I printed the photos out quickly with dying toner.  For the final scrapbook version, I printed the photos at Shutterfly and cropped them to fit the layout.

I really like how this layout came out. I was especially pleased with the dress stands and the spools of thread.  The dress stands were made using a key cut on JOTS and Belle's dress from DCT.  There is a spool of the thread with a needle on the other Disney princess cartridge, but of course I do not have that cartridge.  So I used George and created my own spools.  The spool was made by welding two round corner triangles together with a barrel cut in the middle.  I then cut the barrel in the color I wanted the thread to be.  I had cut a snip of silver paper for the needle and used my markers to draw in the thread.

In my ususal style, I finished both layouts with doodles and dots.  I will add that I do use a ruler to draw the lines on my layout... My hand is not steady enough to trust lines to free hand style.

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