Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tibi Sneak Peek -- Talking with Tibi designer Amy Smilovic plus Fall 2010 Inspiration

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is right around the corner & we all are counting down the days. We just couldn't wait to talk to Tibi designer, Amy Smilovic on what to expect this season and to get a sneak peek at the Fall 2010 Inspiration. After all, Amy is one of our favorite designers.

Fall 2010 Inspiration

Napoleon and Josephine. Tibi’s Fall 10 collection is about the appeal of opposites – masculine meets feminine, draping paired with structure, and neutrals with high contrast brights. The color palette is inspired by the photographs of Peter Beard. Gelatin prints, where slippery colors merge, intertwine and appear cracked and crumbled with imagery of animal skins and wildlife. Deep ink, terra cotta, burgundy, and every shade of sand mix with bold pinks and electric turquoises.

Cupcake Mag: What can we expect from the Fall 2010 Collection?

Amy: The fall 2010 collection is such a great collaboration of colors. Bold, contrasting neon jewel tones pops from rich swirls of soft neutral notes and the contradiction of flowing delicate fabric and bold embellishments, feminine draping and masculine structure is so what I want to wear right now.

Cupcake Mag: Biggest trends for Fall 2010?

Amy: For Tibi, Fall is all about contrast – Rich colors and bold embellishments, hard lines paired with draping sweeps of fabric and a ton of attitude in a very feminine way.

Cupcake Mag: We have chatted a few times and we always forget to ask - Where did the name Tibi come from?

Amy: Tibi was my original partner’s grandmother’s name. She and I started the company together but she left after a year to pursue other opportunities. I always loved the name and the ring of it, so I kept it.

Cupcake Mag: What are 3 of your "fashion essentials" and must- haves in your closet?

Amy: A fabulously structured tweed coat paired with a gorgeous, flowing, jewel-toned, ruffled top in silk and super chic army green suede skinny trousers with deep pleats is the perfect combination of strong and soft.

Cupcake Mag: Right now, if you could wear one designer's clothes who would it be & why?

Amy: That would definitely be Proenza Schouler I love their bags and shoes right now!

Cupcake Mag: What advice do you have for those pursuing their dream in the fashion industry?

Amy: For those interested in a design career or any creative field, just take anything that inspires you and turn it into something tangible, something sell-able. Don’t try and be anything you’re not, it’ll never work. I didn’t think I would ever own such a successful and profitable company so if I can do it, anyone can! Don’t let those fears get in the way.

Cupcake Mag: Any exciting plans for the future?

Amy: Right now I am in the office processing my inspiration to turn it into my next line and enjoying my time at home with my husband and two wonderful sons!

Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage of the Fall 2010 Collection from Bryant Park in February! In the meantime, visit the TIBI website here.

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