Saturday, January 23, 2010

SMS ~ Black Bottom Brownies; So Good!

Cynthia of Baking Therapist picked this week's Sweet Melissa Sunday's recipe: Black Bottom Brownies. Cynthia, I thought I was brownie'd out! I have made 3 different batches of brownies in the last week BUT these brownies were even better then my last batch. My last batch is the post after this one with Reese's peanut butter cups. Need I say more? The Black Bottom Brownies are Divine, delicious, wonderful and worried. Worried because I followed Melissa's freezing directions and put over half of the batch in Saran wrap, then aluminum foil, then in a gallon size Ziploc bag. I am hoping the brownies will defrost and taste just as great later; meaning as a dessert with dinner guests.
I took a major finger swipe of chocolate batter, you know, to make sure the batter was tasty; it was.Aluminum foil lined my 9 x 13 pan; a huge no-no in my mind because what if a piece of aluminum gets cut in with the brownie and someone actually eats it? Have you ever gotten a piece of aluminum in your mouth? Usually you know immediately. Major chills! Parchment paper is hard to get squished down into the baking dish and I didn't want the grief SO I took the aluminum foil chance.
Alarmed at how FULL the 9 x 13 baking dish was!
Just like science class. Something cool happens and everyone has to stop and see IMMEDIATELY; followed by a lot of squealing for joy over this wondrous site. I knew the cheesecake was going to puff up but this is crazy.
The sinkage. Still feeling like a kid in the kitchen, a little deflated in excitement but curious.
Peeling the aluminum foil away and seeing the layers; whipping the camera out for more pictures. Poke, poke, crap I put a side-finger indent in the top edge and now the indent is in my picture.Cutting, not beautiful cuts but hurried, I can't believe how cool this looks, cutting. Everybody has to come Back into the kitchen to see.Ugh! More sugar, tons of brownies everywhere, running out of freezer bags, taking brownies to the gym BUT I saved 4 brownies for ME and a half-dozen squares for everyone else. The rest are frozen. I have only eaten one so far and the brownie was heaven. Thank you Cynthia for such a wonderful choice.
To see the rest of the SMS bakers yummy brownies, just click here and to get the recipe, click on Cynthia to go to her site or to see her gorgeous brownies.

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