Sunday, April 18, 2010

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more tagss^^ let's do this..
I grabbed from Amy on ILoveToBeDazzled Blog~

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what are your most common nicknames?
 - Risya^^

what is today's weather?
- bright, humid, & super sunny~~

where did you go on vacation this year?
- my usual favorite vacation spot~~ THAILAND & INDONESIA^^

what did you do there?
- beaches, nightlife's, shopping, mountains^^

what job do you do?
- I'm unemployed. LOL. I have never worked ever in my life!!

describe where you live?
- well at this moment I'm currently living in Penang, Malaysia to study for my University , but nothing really interesting here.
however, my real home in Jakarta is pretty much home sweet home. my mom do gardening a lot.. lots of pretty grass, flowers, & trees surrounding my house. & then the outside lounge with the swing is super comfy to drink tea & read books on the swing in the afternoon. my mom always cook homemade food & there are lots and lots of food stalls nearby so I'm in a good hand everytime I went back home~~
this is my HOUSE..

what do you usually do on weekends?
- well it really depends of the circumstances & my mood. but usually I go eat dinner with my BF, or catch some movies, do a little shopping, etc~~

what food hit your 'bliss spot'?
- when it comes to food, I can't narrow it down to only ONE. it's a very hard question *xD

what drink really does it for you?
- have you ever heard of Jägerbomb? hahaaa!!^^

what was the last restaurant you went to?
- a japanese restaurant.  I ordered my favorite beef ramen, my BF ordered cheese tuna sushi & kakiage~

where would you like to live if you had unlimited money and nothing stopping your dreams?
- definitely a big biig traditional wooden Balinese house^^ with high quality wooden walls & floors, nature looking houses, earth friendly and home sweet home aura^^ imagine roses bathtub, romantic looking room~~ this is my definite dream house!!
beautifuuulll~~ that's why BALI, Indonesia is one of the hot-spot for honeymoon^^

or a big big houses with a magnificent historical heritage and with a beautiful architecture design and expensive vintage interior. also I want to have a biiigg garden with the swings, hanging flowers, green green grass, butterflies, and one small secret garden^^~~ an English / Europeans type of houses.. YAYYY!!!!!!!!!

what is the likeness of you achieving this dream house?
- let's just say, my fingers crossed^^

what do you like to do in your spare time?
- I usually dance or choreographing dance moves, or the usual types of things such blogging, listening to music, taking a nap, reading, browsing, drinking tea, etc. but when I'm not so lazy, I usually like to cook & bake^^

what's your favorite genre for TV program?
- reality show, drama, game show, pranks, comedy, cartoon, national geographic, history, documentary, animal watch, basically anything good.
my favorite would be: That 70's Show, Dark Angel, Gossip Girl, Southpark, How I Met Your Mother, Project Runway, Documentaries, etc etc~~

what's are you looking forward at the moment?
- I hope to graduate from University soon to get my degree, maybe then make my own jewelry line, reunited with my family, and settle down somewhere to build a new family^^

how would you describe your personality?
- flamboyant, whimsical, sensitive, curious, honest^^

if you had a personality eraser, what part of your might you erase?
- my insecurity^^

you are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? remember, no limitations!
- wow!! first of all, I would send some money for the charity & social help and then buy all of the fashion, make up, & jewelries that I've been aiming for, eat every single food from all around the worldwide, travel the world, buy an island with beutiful beach of my own and build my dream house with my family in it. then I can have luxuy car, private jet, private ferry, private yacht, etc~~
AMIN. :)

what is your biggest fear?
- pain and loneliness..

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